Important Performance Counters

Performance Counters are very important to evaluate. There are more than thousands of Performance Counters. Today I will cover three basic but very important Performance Counters. [Read More]

Amazon MWS Orders API is not giving some Order Items

Unable to construct MarketplaceWebServiceOrders_Model_ListOrderItemsResponse from provided XML. Make sure that ListOrderItemsResponse is a root element

There is a bug in the Amazon’s MWS PHP Client libraries. Their client library attempted to divide the response from their server by looking for two blank lines. The HTTP Header is separated from the XML body by two newlines, so this generally works. But the PHP function that their... [Read More]

Test markdown

Each post also has a subtitle

You can write regular markdown here and Jekyll will automatically convert it to a nice webpage. I strongly encourage you to take 5 minutes to learn how to write in markdown - it’ll teach you how to transform regular text into bold/italics/headings/tables/etc. [Read More]